new moves

             is a project cultivating new talent in contemporary choreography. Meet Samuel Kraus, Allie Knuth and Nathanael Myers.

Samuel Kraus premieres “KNOCKOUT” inspired by the genre of R&B, he will present dance through a spectra of Blues music and signature Blues motifs -- regret, redemption, desperation, love, and faith.

Allie Knuth premieres “20/200” - inviting the audience to witness imagery inspired by various blurry continuous loops. Electronic sounds paired with organic live instrumentation, produced and performed by local musician Cesar Manjarrez, create the foundation for Allison Knuth’s funky contemporary choreography.

Nathanael Myers premieres "<breathe>>"- a contemporary movement piece drawing inspiration from the moments in life where one's breath are the only words available. Dancers Isolde Edminster-Genet, Allison Knuth, Samantha McKinney, Hanna Moreno, and Lauren Renteria move in profound unity to articulate the experience of bliss through movement. An atmospheric art installation, <<insufflate>>, will immerse the audience in an ethereal cloudscape. Paired with a luring and meditative orchestration of natural sounds from sound artist Karima Walker, the sound collaboration of Myers and Walker gives a framework to the movement and art.