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Recently, I felt like I had a little break through when approaching my artwork as a whole. I was experiencing a road block creatively, exhaustion trying to energize two separate practices, and was unsettled with previous renditions of this website. How do I advance my visual and movement practices? It seemed daunting as two separate entities; it also goes against the gain of my efforts of collaboration, belief of cross-medium work, and research of recent artworks/projects. Better the approach of a collection, rather than a series, which is typical when creating within this field.

Collections. This word allowed me to look at my works, of past and concept, finding reoccurring thoughts, and the arithmetic of a larger sum. It held the ability to hold my interests of a wide range of work and mediums, while creating a language of metaphors and threaded conceptions boundless to a specific medium. It opened dialogue between the artworks that I could listen in on.

Inspired by the documentary, McQueen, and the distinct productions, sets, and installations that were conjured to stage his fashion collections. It let my mind wander a bit more, finding the connections that were silently present within my work. As I’ve started to explore the space in which my work is being viewed in and the surrounding environment conditions as an artist controlled factor. Through the medium of movement, it resurfaces my initial collegiate studies of architecture, a lovely "‘full-circle’ connection within my studies. Venturing into installation, holding concern for how the viewer take in my work and how they experience the piece, has held significance in my recent solo exhibition and choreography. Growing in curiosity of environment as I approach future work, I now look at the work through the scope and scale of a collection and move away from the choking word ‘series’. The upcoming Biosphere 2 performance, dioscuri, provides me the first opportunity to utilize this; considering architecture, space, proximity, location, stage, and structure as a thoughtful component of experience.