<breathe>> - is a contemporary movement piece that is rooted in how nature takes us to the realm of the transcendental. How nature itself is an arsenal of sound, and makes us question the sacred and the secular. Dancers Isolde Edminster-Genet, Allison Knuth, Samantha McKinney, Hanna Moreno, and Lauren Renteria move as one life form to articulate the experience of bliss through movement. How does a mover wear sound? How do I transport the audience to the otherworldly and discover personal blissfulness through the interpretation of my individual experience? These were reoccurring questions that led to the understanding that in order to have to opportunity of bliss and contentment, one needed to come from discord.  

Utilizing an organic arsenal of sound, inhales, exhales, snaps, cracks, scrapes, and ticks, were collected through movement improvisation by Myers. Then stretched, manipulated, reversed to create a field of distain which then understand and transition into waves of serenity - an escape. The luring and meditative orchestration of natural sounds from sound artist Karima Walker, the sound collaboration of Myers and Walker gives a framework to the movement and art. An atmospheric art installation, <<insufflate>>, immersed the audience in an ethereal cloudscape.



The <breathe>> project marks as both a catalysts and heir within my art practice. Simultaneous to the movement research and conception of <breathe>>, I was creating the installation <<suffocate>. Housed within the Monsoon Collective, the installation embodied an air-less, desolate environment; an experience to undergo to then be able to recognize and articulate bliss within the <breathe>> choreography.

Following the premiere, <breathe>> laid the foundation to choreograph at the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2, an earth and space science research facility. dioscuri, is set to premiere Spring 2019 as an evolution to the concepts and movement of <breathe>>.