Buffalo Exchange Community Art Award Ceremony 2018


Through the nomination of my co-Artistic Director, Ashley Bowman, of Artifact Dance Project, I was enabled to apply for the 2017 Buffalo Exchange Community Arts Award for Performance. Created to acknowledge artistic pursuit, contributions within the community, and recognize and individuals art practice, the application process once nominated centered my aspirations as an artist, recognize my advancements within my career and within the artistic community. Humbled, I won the award and was asked to perform at the award ceremony. Triangulation was the first installment that I integrated my practices of movement and visual art.


“I’ve been asked to share my inspirations and motivations for my work. How I came to finding that creating is my call in life, and articulate the decisions that lead me from music, to visual art, and now movement. Simply, I have found that it is essential to be honest within these artistic practices, the work I produce, and aptly how I talk about my the practice. An honesty and boldness of subject and the surrounding conversations. There was a pivotal moment which I turned to art, April, 30th 2016, I had to. I could not stay dormant and let fester in my experiences, I needed an outlet in hopes of sharing that in which I could not formulate with words. That is when my art turned to be honest.”