Artifact Dance Project provided me with the opportunity and foundation to become a professional dancer at the age of 23. Four months after taking a beginning ballet class once a week, I was asked to join ADPII, a training intensive professional company that provided the opportunity to perform and build foundational technique. Following the 2016/2017 Artifact season, I was asked to join the summer collaboration with The Rogue Theater, where I was provided the opportunity to take the theater stage for the first time. The 2017/2018 company season, started with the production of Judith, to which I was bestowed the principal soloist of King Nebuchadnezzar. After a range of company performances including a Martin Luther King Celebration, TED Talk, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, and the production FRIDA, the season capstone was New Moves, a venture highlighting “up-and-coming” choreographers including myself. <breathe>>, a twenty-minute experience of bliss, came to fruition in collaboration with sound-artist Karima Walker and provided my first merge of artistic practices of movement, visual art, and sound.