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Calling the state of Arizona home, I am native to the Southwest, born and raised. Emphasizing in Two-Dimensional Art, I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, and a minor in Classics. As an artist of multiple mediums, I balance the nurturing of my visual art practice, continuing my passion for music, and further discovering within the newest medium of movement; all in coalition of developing my artistic career. While my creativity is found in the breadth of my current practices, moreover, I am interested in their overlap and divergence, stillness and vibration, reverb and quietness.

Working and residing now in New York City, my next ventures include advancing my practice as a professional dancer, discovering new relationships and metaphors between the range of artistic mediums under the ‘collection’ approach , and delve into the artistic community of the city.



2019 UrbanGlass Scholarship 2018      Professional Development Grant | Arizona Commission on the Arts  2017      Buffalo Exchange Community Arts Award | Community Foundation for . Southern Arizona



2019 diøscuri | Biosphere 2                                                            2018 <breathe>> | New Moves. Artifact Dance Project



2019      DIO. STEWdio Table                                                               diøscuri. self produced   

2018      20/200 | New Moves. Artifact Dance Project                                                              Last Nation | Folkert de Jong. Artifact Dance Project                                                FRIDA. Artifact Dance Project                                                                                      Triangulation | Buffalo Exchange Award Ceremony                                                    MLK Celebration. Artifact Dance Project                                                                      Who Am I. Marquez Johnson                                                                                       TEDxTucson. Artifact Dance Project

2017      Downtown. Artifact Dance Project                                                                               Judith. Artifact Dance Project // Principle Dancer, Soloist                                      Intensive. Artifact Dance Project                                                                                House of Pomegranates. The Rouge Theatre + Artifact Dance Project                     Intensive. Artifact Dance Project                                                                                KATTERWAUL. Artifact Dance Project

2016      Tesoro. Artifact Dance Project                                                                                     Intensive. Artifact Dance Project



2018      "Three new works for Artifact Dance" Arizona Daily Star                                        "Fresh New Moves" Tucson Weekly                                                                             "UA alumnus masters the art of movement" Arizona Daily Wildcat                      "Dancing Across Societal Divides" Arizona Daily Wildcat                                      "Nathanael Gregory Myers Receives Buffalo Exchange Arts Award"                             Buffalo Exchange 2016       "Eco-friendly Art". Arizona Daily Wildcat. Unhinged 2015       "Bali House" Aranda\Lasch. Dezeen, DesignBoom, Wallpaper,                            afasiirchzine 2012       Patient History. Jennifer Sedler. Palm Reader                                                            "F.Y.E." Arizona Daily Wildcat. Light + Salt


2018 <insufflate>>. Artifact Dance Project. Tucson, AZ . Triangulation. University of Arizona Poetry Center. Tucson, AZ 2017 1.48.116. Lionel Rombach Gallery. Tucson, AZ 2016     Unearthed. Cartel Coffee Lab. Tucson, AZ



2019 Inside Job. Christie’s Auction House. New York, NY

2018      2018 Arizona Biennial. Tucson Museum of Art. Tucson, AZ                                        Abstracts. Tucson International Airport. Tucson, AZ                                                  A Storm's End. Monsoon Collective. Tucson, AZ

2017      Symbiosis. ENR2 Building, University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ                                  Small Wonders. The Drawing Studio. Tucson, AZ                                                      FACTORY @ MOCA. Museum of Contemporary Art. Tucson, AZ

2016      Symbiosis. ENR2 Building, University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ                                 Unmasked. University of Arizona Banner Medical Center. Tucson, AZ                   Anamesis. Creative Juice Gallery. Tucson, AZ                                                             Opening Doors. University of Arizona Museum of Art. Tucson, AZ

2015      Symbiosis. ENR2 Building, University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ                                 Sustainable Culture, Food Conspiracy CO-OP. Tucson, AZ                                        BFA Senior Exhibition. Union Gallery, University of Arizona. Tucson, AZ                 conFIGURE’ation. FLUXX Studio & Gallery. Tucson, AZ                                              Two-Dimensional Invitational. Lionel Rombach Gallery. Tucson, AZ

2014      629. Exploded View. Tucson, AZ                                                                                 Cabinet of Curiosities, Haunted Hands Gallery. Tucson, AZ